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Privileged environment accomodation
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Appart hotel Massy Palaiseau

Aparthotel is at 70 meters away of the forest and close to business centers

Aparthotel is located in a neighborhood pavillonaire area without any big buildings. The place is both privileged and calm.

Accomodation is at 70 meters away of the domain forest of Palaiseau (Essonne, south of Paris), 56 hectares managed for jogging or walk.

Although very close to great buildings and business centers of Massy Atlantis,
Paris-Saclay, Vélizy or Les Ulis, aparthotel is located in a residential area.

While being at only 4 minutes by subway of Massy TGV station, environment is much more quiet, green, and privileged.

A cycling and walking path is located at 50 meters from your accomodation. This road dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists leads without any cars to Massy TGV station, and to Massy-Palaiseau RER B / subway station, going straight up to Paris without any change.

2 to 4 apartments per building with dedicated gardens

In order to be integrated to its environment area, and to achieve userfriendliness, accomodation is not a big building. Aparthotel consits in small buidings from 83 to 145 m2 (914 to 1559 ft²) such as little houses.

Each of the buildings has its own garden, private parking spaces, and has 2 to 4 apartments per building.

Apartments located at the ground floor has their own garden and terrace, with an own set of garden furniture per apartment in summer. The first floor is also the last floor, for all buildings.

Accomodation and comfort

Accomodation is modern, high-quality furnishing.

Apartments are fully tiled in all rooms. There are carrefully decorated.

Main of flats are recently built, after 2005.

As in a classical hotel, your flat is ready to move in only with a suitcase, with optional bedlinen and towels.

Bedding is comfortable, with slatted bed frame, and bultex mattresse.

All flats are in the same comfort category. The difference between different flats consists in the customisation of decoration, and the surface area :

  • Rustique are 17 m2,
  • Espace are 21 to 31 m2,
  • Large Espace are 40 m2, with 2 rooms,
  • Canada is 52 m2 usefull floor, for 33 m2 (up to 1,80 meters).

In some of the apartments, the unit switches on automatically when the vacuum hose is inserted into this opening.

All apartments have televisions, generally flat screen TV.

For the apartment called Canada only, additionaly to the double bed (160 * 200 cm), there is a bench "clickety-clack" convertible in bed (140*190). In the category "Canada, the is only one apartment, that you can see on the picture shown, at the top of this page : all the fisrt floor of the building is the Canada apartment, and the door you can see is for this flat only. Ground floors apartments has their own entrance doors, and parking spaces, back to the house.

Our friendly animals cannot be allowed in accomodation.

In order to ease your staying, there are washing and drying machines, pouder and iron.


Each of the oak fitted kitchens has two vitro ceramic cookers, air cooker hood, microwaveet, fridge, coffee machine, tooster, assortment of crockery.

Kitchen splashbacks are tiled with faïence.

Halogen lamps has objective to give pleasant level of ambient heat.


For both of your comfort and your convenience, nice faïence is on the walls of your bathroom.

Bathrooms have either bathtub with glass shower enclosures, either italian showers fully tiled.

All bathrooms have a window, exvcepted one of them.

They have towel hang dryer

For a best hygiene, WC are suspended toilets.

Food service

If you do not want to cook, there are restaurants in Palaiseau, such as Paris street, at 1,5 km.

You also can order by phone salads, hot pizza, Greek, Japanese, Lebanese, Tex-Mex food, paninis, lasagnes, burgers, drinks, fruit salads, apple pies, brownies, desserts...

You just have to choose your dish on brochures, which give pictures and prices include delivery : 10 to 30 EUR per meal, including delivery in your apartment. See an example of food service here.

Accomodation virtual visit

Some flats are shown on visit page of aparthotel website.

More information on accomodation

Please contact us at +33 1 60 10 23 97 for help or more information on your Massy Palaiseau accomodation.

Aparthotel Massy Palaiseau.
Apartments ready to live in, for tourism or for business, at Massy Palaiseau.
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