Aparthotel Location

Aparthotel location


Studi-hôtel is close to business center of Massy Atlantis, and is at 600 m from Polytechnique,
at 8 mn from CEA Saclay, in a preserved area of Palaiseau (91 Essonne).


Studi-hôtel +33 1 60 10 23 97    /    19 - 29 - 32 rue Royon - 91 120 Palaiseau - FRANCE.


Polytechnique is at 600 m

Polytechnique high school and research centers are 600 meters from the aparthotel.

As Polytechnique, your apathotel is on the plateau, while the other part of Palaiseau and RER train (subway) is in the valley. So that it is flat and comfortable to go to Polytechnique from your appart hotel.

Your accomodation is very close to business center of Massy TGV / Atlantis.

Aparthotel is located at the center of business centers of Massy Palaiseau and Saclay.

A mini market, open 7 days a week, 7:30 to 21:00, is 1200 meters from the aparthotel.

More on Polytechnique here.


RER B station

Subway station (RER B line) is Palaiseau-Villebon, which leads in 4 minutes to Massy-Palaiseau station (RER B), and in 23 minutes to Paris.

Massy TGV station (Very High Speed Train station) and Massy-Palaiseau station of the line B of RER (subway) are located at the same place : Carnot Street, in the area of Massy called Atlantis.

These stations are close to the aparthotel.

Palaiseau-Villebon Station is at 950 meters from your aparthotel.


RER Station Palaiseau

Massy TGV and RER B Massy Palaiseau stations

You can reach Massy TGV by the three following ways :

1.- By subway RER B : 4 minutes.

You can catch RER B line at the station called "Palaiseau Villebon", which is 950 m of your aparthotel.

Both Massy-Palaiseau station and TGV station are 4 minutes from Palaiseau-Villebon station.

Starting from Palaiseau-Villebon station, you reach :
- Massy in 4 mn (Massy-Palaiseau station or Massy TGV station),
- Antony in 10 mn,
- Paris (Cité universitaire) in 23 mn,
- center of Paris (Saint Michel Notre Dame) in 29 mn.
- Orly airport in 15 mn, via Orlyval which goes until inside of the airport
- Roissy airport without any change in 59 mn.

Massy TGV station aparthotel

2.- By car

Massy TGV station and Massy-Palaiseau subway station (line RER B) are 11 minutes (4,7 km) from your aparthotel : see interactive map from aparthotel to Massy TGV by car.

3.- By high speed bus 91.06

A new dedicated bus lane, priority at traffic lights, goes from Massy-Palaiseau station to Saclay and St Quentin à Massy.

The line 91-06 which uses this lane, stops at 550 metres your aparthotel. It is comfortable, convenient and safe.

CEA Saclay and CEA Palaiseau

CEA (Commissariat Energie Atomtique) has different centers :

  • CEA-List at Palaiseau, close to Polytechnique (5 mn by bus),
  • CEA Saclay close to Supelec Moulon (11 mn by bus),
  • CEA Saclay at Saclay (15 mn bus or 8 mn by car).

You can reach all CEA centers by bus 91.06, which stops at 600 meters from your accomodation.

The Average Wait Time to get a bus on this line 91.06 to go to CEA is 2.5 minutes, for a maximum wait time of 5 minutes at office hours.

CEA Digiteo Labs

Walk to go to 91.06 station is flat, beceause accomodation is still on the plateau where CEA and reseacrh centers are located. It is along green 56 Hectare flower (in the spring and the summer) and tree park.

























































How to come to Studihotel ?



Saclay is 15 minutes by bus (line 91-06) from your accomodation.

RER Station Palaiseau